Farming Services

Farming Services

Farming Services

We're the guardians of your land

We’re in the business of farming to ensure your land and environment is productive and protected. We currently have 20,000 hectares of land under cultivation for clients throughout the country, annually growing 400,000 tonnes of local produce.

Our proactive and expert advice brings positive business benefits. And we don’t do ‘off the shelf’. We set structures that work specifically for you the client, and your business goals.

As day-to day farmers, we collaborate closely with you, keeping you informed and up to date on the health and development of your soils, farms, and businesses with better prices and lower costs, to help your enterprise achieve the best margins.

Contract Farming Agreement

Contract Farming Agreement

We understand that no two farms are exactly the same. Every farm is a different business, each having its own unique characteristics.

To ensure the most productive business model, Contract Farming clients get a personalised one-to-one service, with agreements tailored to suit the specific needs of their business, ensuring effective customised solutions.

We listen and we learn, engaging in conversations about farming techniques, business needs, and opening up potential new opportunities.

We always aim to build long-term relationships by working collaboratively with clients to ensure that needs are met, and expectations are exceeded.

Our hands-on farming expertise covers arable and mixed enterprises, including niche crop production and renewable energy crops.

Farm Business Tenancies

Farm Business Tenancies

We specialise in providing comprehensive consultation and support for farm business tenancies. We guide you through the complexities of agricultural tenancy agreements.

Our expertise is available to both landlords and tenants, and we focus on facilitating successful and mutually beneficial relationships for both parties.

In this multi-layered and often complex area, we have the know-how to smooth the path in the successful negotiation and implementation of the legal, financial, and operational aspects of farm business tenancies and any regulatory compliance.

We also understand the importance of ensuring fair and reasonable rent agreements in line with market conditions and agricultural productivity, especially when planning succession for future generations or changes in tenancy arrangements.

And when any contentions arise, we are adept at resolving disputes or disagreements between landlords and tenants through mediation or legal support when necessary.

Farm Management (Permanent / Interim)

Farm Management (Permanent / Interim)

The business of farming and running farm businesses is in our blood. Over our long history we have helped hundreds of agricultural operations deliver consistent and profitable results.

We can provide reliable, fully outsourced management of your farm or interim, short-term support during transitional periods or when additional expertise is required.

Our experienced agricultural professionals ensure the seamless continuation of day-to-day farm operations while delivering sustainable and efficient management practices covering crop management, livestock care, equipment maintenance, and labour co-ordination. All of these are Sentry core competencies.

These operational deliveries are supported by tailored strategic services to maximise yield, maintain environmental sustainability streamline financial management and keep a constant eye on risk management. All of this contributes to minimal disruption in a time of change or business transition.

Above all you’ll also benefit from reliability: we’re the dependable pair of hands that knows how to maintain the continuity and success of your agricultural enterprise.

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