About Us

About Us

We Are Sentry

On your farm. By your side.

With over 50 years of experience in the agricultural sector, Sentry is a unique rural solutions business that has a reputation for working in close collaboration with its farming and rural business clients.

Sentry has a rich heritage. Originally founded in 1972 by an American insurance company, our first farming operations were on land owned by pension schemes but over time, this was extended to contract farming for private individuals.

Today we operate in 15-counties from the East of England, down to the South Coast and the Midlands, where we support a wide range of clients. These include farmers, landowners, investors and other professional partners operating within the agricultural and rural sector.

We currently have 20,000 hectares of land under cultivation for clients throughout the country, annually growing 400,000 tonnes of local produce.

We are also an employee-owned business. Our employees own 50% of the company’s total share capital. This means every employee has their voice heard helping us deliver our services through a truly inclusive culture.

Our mission is to deliver forward-thinking solutions that help clients sustainably grow their businesses whilst protecting the environments in which they operate.


How We Operate

On your farm. By your side.

We always maintain a pragmatic focus on the business.

We advise on and deliver the best solutions, at the best time for the success of your business, your land and your future.

We focus on sustainability, helping your enterprise grow whilst protecting the environments in which you operate.

And because farming is a generational business, we build relationships for the long-term. For many of our clients we have become trusted advisors and an integral part of their farming family.

We are always on your farm. By your side.

How We Get Results

We farm, we consult and you grow.

We pride ourselves on our track record of creating advantage for our clients.

As day-to-day farmers our proactive expertise on the land supports positive results all year round.

As trusted advisors we focus on being one step ahead in the rural sector, anticipating seasonal change, environmental responsibilities and changes in regulatory practice.

This unique blend of deep farming know-how and our forward-thinking advice means we are adept at spotting and evolving every opportunity for success.

In essence, we farm, we consult and you grow.

Our People

We're the familiar faces you can rely upon.

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As an employee-owned business we are invested in the people who are invested in you. From Farm Managers to Data Analysts, Procurement Specialists to Bookkeepers, Machinery Operators to Sustainability Consultants, we have a diverse and specialist team of over 60 people who proactively and collectively work to ensure that your business success continues to grow season after season.

  • Paul Christian

    Paul Christian

    Managing Director

  • Rebecca Arkley

    Rebecca Arkley

    Finance Director

  • John Barrett

    John Barrett

    Farms Director

  • Alec Smith

    Alec Smith

    Business Solutions Director

  • George Thomas

    George Thomas

    Senior Land Agent

  • John Hall

    John Hall

    Senior Farm Business Advisor

  • Charlotte Hudson

    Charlotte Hudson

    Rural Business Advisor

  • Elizabeth Ecclestone

    Elizabeth Ecclestone

    Rural Business Advisor

"An important aspect of being a member is access to the Sentry buying power for nearly all inputs. I find the connection to a national farming company very reassuring in these difficult and uncertain times."
Richard Nunn, member since 2004